The Sexton Schematic

A patented, turn-key system that sets your organization up for sustained tree-lot fundraising success

A Christmas Tree lot will be the best fundraising experience in which your organization has ever participated. Period. You can figure it all out on your own … and you likely will. Or you can remove all the guesswork and frustration that can accompany the process — and maximize your fun and fundraising potential — by leaning on the experience of the Sexton Family’s 45 years in the Christmas Tree business.

Here’s what you don’t yet know.

A successful Christmas Tree lot needs an attractive display of trees. It needs adequate lighting. It needs to follow a logical process from parking to tree selection to wrapping and loading the tree on cars to the cash or electronic transaction. However intuitive those things might seem, they’re a bit more complicated than that. And that’s where we can be of immediate and long-term assistance. Can I get a “Ho, ho, ho?”

Secrets of the Sexton Schematic

The Sexton Schematic organizes your effort, gives you the tools to succeed, and positions your organization for repeatable success, year after year after year. We’ve done the thinking for you, and we can offer as little or as much support as you need. We offer separate components of the Sexton Schematic or the entire system, which will pay for itself within a single Christmas Tree season. We’re your partners in this business and we know the best way for you to succeed is to pick our brains and use the blueprints and tools that we know work the best.  

Components of the Sexton Schematic

  • An ingenious display system that dramatically expedites the time required to build and assemble winning tree display stands and lighting poles. Here’s where you need to trust us: Your tree display stands and lighting polls mean the difference between a phenomenal Christmas Tree Lot experience and a so-so Christmas Tree Lot experience..
  • The Sexton Schematic gives you maps and instructions for setting up your entire lot — streamlining the entire experience for your customers and volunteers alike. We’ll show you how to create a forest setting in the middle of suburbia.
  • The Sexton Schematic allows you to maximize your space, allowing you to display and sell a larger inventory of trees, which means maximizing your revenue.
  • We offer specialized lighting plans to enhance the holiday atmosphere,
  • We’ll give you timelines and workflows. You’ll then be more effective and efficient at scheduling activities and managing your the roles and contributions of your volunteers.
  • We’ll share marketing secrets to promote your lot, honed from 45 years of experience, which includes signage that WORKS.
  • We’ll show you how to design a walkway system to reduce mud, accidents, and mess.
  • We’ll recommend periphery products that increase your revenue and add to your customer experience while keeping you away from products that aren’t worth your time (we’ll likewise give you a list of trusted suppliers from which to acquire accessories).
  • Oh, and then there are the trees. While we’ll make the Sexton Schematic available to anyone, we have the best Christmas Trees anywhere. We supply only Fraser Firs hand picked in Southwest Virginia because they are both the most beautiful trees and they are always in highest demand by customers.